Hyperforce, next generation infrastructure architecture

Hyperforce is a redesigned Salesforce infrastructure architecture, offering an even more powerful and scalable platform to support customer growth and success. It provides immediate and secure scaling based on public clouds. Not only does it allow for rapid growth, but very importantly, it makes it easier to meet local data storage standards (specific to your company, industry or region). Public clouds have a number of advantages, the most important of which are greater flexibility and performance. Hyperforce currently uses: AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

Hyperforce allows you to deploy solutions for both B2B and B2C regardless of scale, using public clouds available in an ever-growing number of locations. By shortening the routes between end-users and data centres, you gain greater speed and lower latency.

Hyperforce also places great emphasis on the protection of sensitive data, in line with its ‘Zero Trust’ architecture, the foundations of which are privacy and security. Data encryption is done here both at rest and during transmission.

It’s also worth knowing that switching to Hyperforce doesn’t involve a lot of work or additional costs (these are already included in the license costs). All applications, customizations and integrations built in Salesforce will work as before, as backward compatibility is ensured. The process itself from an administrator’s point of view should be maintenance-free. Depending on the organisation, only minor actions will need to be performed, such as whitelisting new IP addresses. Salesforce declares that the migration itself does not take long and downtime should not be an issue.

Customer data may be stored in the region from which the customer subscribes to services available on Hyperforce. Whereby Salesforce reserves the final right to choose a specific service provider (the customer only decides on the region).

The following products are currently available under Hyperforce:

Salesforce core services: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Chatter, Lightning Platform)

The service is not yet available in Poland, but it can already be used in Germany, Australia and India. Extra locations are planned.

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