Better communication due to integration with Slack

In today’s post, I’ll try to cover the benefits of integrating Salesforce with Slack. In this post I’ve written more about the communication platform itself, created to enhance teamwork. It facilitates project management by supporting the natural way of communication, where members communicate in channels and direct messages while collaborating on multiple projects. Channels are focused on a specific topic such as projects, events, accounts, leads and teams.

The spread of home office on an unprecedented scale has forced many changes in organizations, both in the way duties are performed and the tools used. Needs such as keeping track of changes to projects and individual records have become even more important. Salesforce and Slack integration perfectly addresses this need.

It allows you to connect key information from Salesforce with relevant conversations going on within Slack. This allows team members to stay up-to-date with customized notifications regarding changes and updates to records in Salesforce on the appropriate channels. It also provides the ability to view all objects from anywhere in Slack, and to quickly share relevant records with the right team members.

The integration process itself is not complex and time-consuming. The person performing it does not need to have developer skills because it boils down to a few simple steps, which is illustrated by the video I prepared, placed below this entry. Let’s watch it!

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