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Want to create a custom object in Salesforce, wondering what accounts and contacts are for, or maybe you’re an advanced developer who wants to be constantly on the cutting edge? Trailhead platform is the place for you!

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Launched in 2014. Trailhead is a learning platform that offers an extremely accessible, inclusive, and fun way to learn. It also provides an extremely accessible path into the Salesforce ecosystem for anyone interested. So anyone with access to the internet can try their hand at it (just sign up to get a free Trailhead account).Whether you’re an administrator, analyst, consultant, architect, marketer or a service or sales person, there’s definitely a learning path for you. Why it’s worth it. Let the numbers speak for themselves: according to a recent IDC report, Salesforce will generate 9.3 million new jobs and 1.6 billion in new business revenue by the end of 2026. By starting your adventure with Trailhead, you also have a chance to become a part of the extraordinary Trailblazer community. You will meet extremely inspiring and always willing to help people, who are characterized by a desire to learn throughout their lives. You will probably meet many innovators driving the future of technology, who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences. Interestingly, there is room for many different talents to flourish through the free learning paths available. In this way, Salesforce contributes to leveling the playing field and also develops an inclusive business model. Moreover, it models positive change in its customers’ companies.

How is Trailhead structured?

Basically, each topic is divided into units that form larger modules. The learning process is wrapped here in a fun environment with competitive elements. You earn points for each unit by solving a quiz or a challenge – a practical task. The quiz tests your knowledge on the basis of a multiple-choice test, while the practical tasks you complete in the created fictitious orgs. When you complete all the tasks prepared for a given module – you receive a badge that enriches your profile. You can also complete simple projects where you are guided by detailed instructions. Once you have reached the appropriate level of proficiency, you can earn a “superbadge” which proves your skills (however, it is laborious, requires solving a specific business problem and is not the easiest, but very rewarding). There are also periodically organized Trailhead Quests, thanks to which, apart from a portion of competition and fun, there is a chance to win many interesting prizes (among them: social badges, gift cards, and Salesforce certification coupons!)

What makes Trailhead different?

First of all, the platform is designed to combine multiple types of content and approaches to reach all types of learners. So you can find videos, code samples, guides, screenshots, images, tables, charts, step-by-step instructions, as well as practical examples and scenarios, storytelling. And all this presented in a casual and positive style.

If I’ve convinced you to give it a try, you can start here: trailhead

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