Salesforce+ has been launched

The beginning of October 2021 saw the launch of Salesforce+, a new industry streaming platform. It will be available to a worldwide audience, similar to Dreamforce (previously a “family reunion” designed to bring together the entire Salesforce community – customers, partners and employees – to educate, entertain and create a place to share experiences). From now on, Dreamforce is to be regularly broadcast through Salesforce+ in an on-demand format, making it more accessible and personalized. But there’s much more to the Salesforce+ platform, namely access to compelling live content, as well as programs aimed at all roles, industries and sectors. With it, you will find in one place: broadcasts of major events, as well as a variety of different shows, series and podcasts.

Salesforce+ claims that through engaging stories, thought leadership and expert advice, it will inspire millions of Trailblazers to learn new skills and help them explore new career paths. The platform is also designed to help build trusted relationships with customers and foster a sense of belonging in the business community.

Salesforce Studios have developed and produced key content for Salesforce+. The studios are continually expanding their teams of writers, editors and producers in order to offer more original programming.

Salesforce+’s current program offerings include:

  • Leading Through Change – launched in March 2020, a weekly program focused on shows how business leaders are dealing with a global pandemic situation. So far, the series has 60 episodes, 700 million views, and won the Content Marketing Award 2021 for Best Marketing Program
  • Connections – shows the most innovative marketers from companies like IBM, Levi’s and GoFundMe. The pandemic has turned marketing upside down and rendered long-standing strategies and practices obsolete. Here, Salesforce President and Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Franklin talks to some of the marketing industry’s best and brightest minds about how they are connecting with their audiences in a whole new way.
  • The Inflection Point- is a series where guest CEOs from companies like Coca-Cola, Pay-Pal, Honeywell and Workday share their stories and values that have influenced their leadership.
  • Boss Talks – The goal of the program is to provide leadership in the world of career and professional development. Among the conversations there are topics such as cracking down on imposter syndrome or unlocking authenticity in the workplace.
  • Simply Put – The series explains complex business issues in a concise format in a way that makes them easy to understand.

Over the coming months, it is expected that program will be expanded with offerings to include a variety of new content, such as a new series on how the Trailblazer community created an opportunity to re-engineer, opening up new career opportunities.

Discover Salesforce+ here.

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