What is Salesforce Inspector used for?

Today’s post will be dedicated to one of my favorite tools to facilitate working with Salesforce. I’m talking about a browser plugin called Salesforce Inspector, which is not only completely free, but also can be used in all the most popular browsers, namely Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Its installation is extremely simple, as well as using it. At the outset, it is worth knowing that it is not an official software provided by Salesforce – nevertheless, using it is safe. We can verify this by analyzing the source code, as well as by monitoring traffic in the console of the browser we are using.

Its popularity (over 300,000 users in Chrome alone) proves that it really makes life easier for those working with the Salesforce platform.

Its core functionality is to provide access to metadata, its Danish publishers boast that it transparently provides as much contextual information as possible while not overwhelming users. What kind of information is there? I’m referring to the quick view of information from fields accessible directly from the record pages, even those not on the layout, but what’s even more useful is the ability to edit them (an incredible time saver!). Moreover, it can be used to easily perform data import and export, which can be easily copied to and from Excel (or CSV files). What’s more, it allows you to search for objects and users, and provides the ability to quickly view the extent to which limits are being used in a given environment.

However, since it is much easier to show the range of possibilities of the solution than to write about it, I encourage you to watch a short video that I have prepared to explain how the tool works.

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