Do meet Salesforce Analytics Home

Reports and dashboards are one of the most widely used elements of Salesforce. They owe their popularity to their easy interface and outstanding usability, which allows us to track all relevant data and results in a convenient and efficient way.

By default, both reports and dashboards were available from two separate tabs. With the Summer’22 release, we can use a new alternative solution – Analytics Home.

Analytics Home is not only a new way of presentation, combining reports, dashboards and dedicated folders in a single view, but also a new search engine that searches all these elements at once. There are also personalized per-user recommendations (including: things we’ve created, items shared with us and items that we’ve recently viewed).

Importantly, activation of the new feature is very simple (and reversible) and in no way limits the use of standard tab reports and dashboards. If you want to see right now how to activate and how the new solution works – watch the video below. 

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