Present more useful data with Salesforce Dynamic Related List

Salesforce Dynamic Related List is another feature, after Dynamic Action and Dynamic Form, that allows us to easily personalize the record page of any object. Using it, we can display any number of individual related lists that meet the record criteria we specify. And it is the easy filtering of data that is the key differentiator of this solution. We can use it to display, for example, a list of business opportunities created in the last 3 days that have not yet been closed, or a list of contacts associated with a given account that do not have a Key Account Manager assigned. All this is done easily and conveniently, from within Lightning App Builder.

To add a new list, you use the “Dynamic Related List – Single” component, which allows you to configure:

  • Parent Record,
  • Object,
  • Related List Label,
  • Related List Type,
  • Number of Records to Display (up to 30),
  • Action Bar Visibility (and Actions),
  • Related List Fileds (up to 10),
  • Sort Field,
  • Sort Order,
  • Related List Filters.

As it is not hard to imagine, such a highly configurable related list gives you a lot of possibilities and allows you to significantly facilitate the end user’s work by presenting the data he needs most at the moment. However, it should be added that this feature has some limitations, probably due to the fact that we are dealing with its first iteration (which appeared with the Summer 22 implementation). The new list can display a maximum of 30 records, which, combined with the lack of a “see all items” button, makes this solution particularly useful for presenting small data sets. Filters will help, but here too we must note an important limitation. In this version of Dynamic Related List, we cannot define filter logic, so if we add more than one filter, we will see in our list only those records that meet the conditions of all the filters we have defined.

Despite the limitations described in the last paragraph, I believe that Dynamic Related List is a solution worth considering already at this stage and will work perfectly in many situations. So I encourage you to watch a short video, where I show how this solution works in practice.

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