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According to a McKinsey article, today more than 70% of customers (source) expect every interaction they have with companies to be personalized. However, this task is very difficult, given that the data collected about customers is held in these companies in multiple services that are often not integrated with each other. It is also estimated that the amount of data generated, collected and processed will double by 2026 (source), further complicating its effective use.

Salesforce recognizes this challenge, which is why it has added Genie, a new data platform that powers the entire Salesforce Customer 360 platform in real time ensuring seamless, highly personalized operations across sales, service, marketing and commerce, taking into account the ever-changing needs of customers in real time.

Customer Profile in Salesforce Genie

Genie can operate on a huge amount of real-time data, taking it from anywhere and building from it a single source of truth about the customer that responds to every change on the customer’s side. Building on such data will allow Einstein to build even more accurate predictions and suggestions. It will also give us the space for much broader automation using Flow.

Salesforce Genie acquires and stores huge amount of real-time data streams and combines them with transactional data

The benefits of this solution will be seen at many levels:

  • Sales reps will receive real-time guidance from Einstein during video and voice calls with customers. This will enable them to adapt to the situation and automatically receive the right recommendations in real time.
  • Advisors using Service Cloud will be able to provide proactive service supported by real-time notifications that will ensure cases are resolved in a timely manner and with the utmost commitment.
  • With Marketing Cloud, any marketer will be able to deliver personalized messages through the right channels, adapting to current customer activity.
  • Commerce Cloud will ensure the creation of an even more personalized shopping experience.
  • Salesforce Industries will allow even better adaptation to current customer needs. For example, in healthcare it will be possible to provide a unified assessment of a patient’s health status in order to offer appropriate medical care.
  • Using Tableau, any company will be able to monitor its KPIs in real time, taking into account current data on, for example, service usage and web traffic.
  • Slack will help make its users more productive by displaying the data they need in real time.

Genie includes built-in connectors that can capture data from any channel (mobile, web, and via APIs), get previously collected data from other services using MuleSoft, and leverage massive amounts of raw data stored in Data Lakes.

The capabilities of Salesforce Genie are also extended by external solutions:

  • Snowflake allows Genie direct, bi-directional access to data stored in Snowflake without duplication.
  • Amazon SageMaker enables building new artificial intelligence models based on more data.
  • Integrations with Advertising Partners such as Amazon Ads and Meta, enable more personalized and efficient marketing at scale.
  • Genie’s new AppExchange collection of 18 Genie partners will help companies make even better use of data by, for example, automating ads and enriching customer profiles.
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