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On March 7, Salesforce announced the deployment of the Einstein GPT solution, described as the world’s first generative AI for CRM.

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that is capable of creating new and original content such as images, sounds, texts or even videos using machine learning algorithms.

Video promoting Einstein GPT solution from Salesforce

For the moment, the solution is only available to selected customers with access to a closed pilot phase. It offers personalized content creation across all Salesforce clouds and is designed to increase employee efficiency and positively impact customer satisfaction.

Einstein GPT is open and extensible. It supports both public and private AI models created specifically for CRM, which are based on real-time data. At this point, it offers the following functionality:

Einstein GPT for Sales lets you automatically generate email content, helps you schedule meetings and prepares you to take on new interactions.
Einstein GPT for Service can prepare knowledge base articles based on case history and notes. It is also capable of automatically generating personalized responses to increase customer satisfaction with fast response times and personalized content.
Einstein GPT for Marketing dynamically generates personalized content to drive engagement with existing and potential customers through emails, mobile devices, websites and ads.

Among other things, Einstein GPT for Slack Customer 360 provides intelligent summaries of sales opportunities and can update knowledge base articles.
Einstein GPT for Developers increases developers’ productivity by being able to generate code for specific queries independently.
What’s more, Salesforce and OpenAI also announced today the ChatGPT app for Slack. The app provides new artificial intelligence-created conversation summaries, research tools for learning about any topic, and support for fast message writing.

Along with the announcement of the new solutions, Salesforce also announced today investments in artificial intelligence aimed at strengthening the ecosystem and boosting the development of responsible, trusted and generative AI. So we can be sure that the new features announced today are just the beginning of exciting changes.

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