Discover Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse

At the Tableau Conference 2023 in May (to be viewed on Salesforce+), we learned about the next generation of Tableau, supported by generative artificial intelligence.

Tableau is a platform for comprehensive data visualization, helping to make the right decisions based on the information gathered. Its great advantage is the ease of integration, allowing it to work with different types of data from almost any source.

According to Salesforce, nearly 80% of Senior IT Leaders believe that generative artificial intelligence will help their organizations make better use of data, which is crucial for making the right decisions. At the same time, as many as 41% say they are having trouble understanding the information they have, due to its low availability and high complexity.

Salesforce has just prepared an answer to these challenges in the form of:

  • Tableau GPT, a solution that gives analysts access to analytics based on artificial intelligence so they can make even better and faster decisions.
  • Tableau Pulse, a tool that provides automated insights and personalized analytics for business users regardless of their technical skills and data expertise.

Tableau GPT

Tableau GPT is a new generation of Tableau that uses generative artificial intelligence to simplify interactions with and better understand data. It provides access to a console where we can ask questions using natural language. This ensures that analysts, customers, administrators and developers can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Tableau GPT reduces repetitive tasks, automatically suggests appropriate charts and visualizations, and automatically generates descriptions of data sources.

Tableau Pulse

Tableau GPT is the foundation of the Tableau Pulse solution, providing an entirely new experience for interacting with data, delivering personalized, intelligent and contextual information exactly when you need it. And all of this is given in a simple and easy-to-understand way that doesn’t require learning how to use new tools.


Today, many companies have a huge amount of data, but getting to the right information for users can sometimes be time-consuming and problematic (due to the huge number of reports and limited analytical resources). Tableau Pulse solves this problem by building an intelligent homepage that is unique to each employee. Not only does it provide the data an employee needs and comments to better understand the status of key indicators, but it also changes over time based on each employee’s behavior and needs.


Tableau Pulse analyzes the data for the employee, identifying trends and automatically generating conclusions. The tool can also anticipate users’ questions and suggest ones they haven’t even thought of. So it shows not only “what” is happening in an organization, but also identifies “why” it is happening, an invaluable aid to making better decisions faster.


One of the main factors reducing efficiency at work is the need to use different tools. Switching between them can be time-consuming and problematic. The developers of Tableau Pulse are well aware of this, which is why the new tool offers access to data in the places and tools users are already using, without making them switch to another solution. This not only speeds up work, but also minimizes the risk of overlooking currently relevant information.

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