Einstein Copilot available soon

With Einstein Copilot, everyone can count on the support of their own assistant when using Salesforce. The feature, announced mid-2023, will become widely available in a few days, with the implementation of the Spring 24 update.

Salespeople will gain an assistant that will help them prepare for sales meetings, automatically summarize the conversations held, suggest next steps, automatically generate messages taking into account all customer information, and even be a support in creating contracts.

The CX department will be able to benefit from automated and personalized responses based on the company’s internal and securely processed data using all communication channels (including SMS, chat and social media). Einstein Copilot will also help automatically analyze and summarize complex requests and manage field work orders.

In the area of marketing, Einstein Copilot will enable the automatic generation of email content, support better audience segmentation using Data Cloud, and facilitate the preparation of websites based on personalized customer preferences. We will also be able to more easily collect the data we need using contact forms and automatically generated surveys.

Those involved in online commerce thanks to Einstein Copilot can expect even higher purchase conversions thanks to features such as: easy creation of product descriptions in multiple languages, personalized promotions, automatically generated SEO metadata and prompts to help better design individual components of an online store.

Developers and analysts will not be spared the new capabilities either. The first will gain the ability to automatically generate Apex code and suggestions to improve its performance and security. Analysts will be able to visualize data more easily, see connections between relevant information faster, and gain more time by automating repetitive tasks.

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