Winter’24 is coming

In just a few days Salesforce will release Release Notes for the Winter’24 deployment. This is the first step of one of the three annual system updates (except for winter, new changes are delivered to us in spring and summer).

It’s worth knowing that each update process is automatic and takes no more than 5 minutes (the time the system is unavailable during the update). This means that all Salesforce users benefit from the same latest version of the software and can use all the new functionalities. Prior to production deployment, the new system version is made available on test environments (4 to 6 weeks in advance). The exact implementation schedule for Winter’24 is shown in the graphic below.

On August 16, Release Notes will be published – a high-level description of all the changes we can count on in a given deployment, along with guidance on how best to exploit their potential. Expect an extensive document (the previous version of the document, for the Summer 23 deployment, was 724 pages long).

On August 21, those who request it will gain early access to the developer environment in the Winter ’24 version, an option also available to those who have the pre-release org for Summer ’23.

On August 25, Salesforce will begin updating selected test environments. This will not only allow us to familiarize ourselves with the new changes, but will also allow us to make sure that all our custom functionality is consistent with the new version of the system. On that day, we can also expect the release of a page dedicated to this edition of the system and a dedicated Trailhead trail.

On September 1, October 6, and October 13, the Winter’24 version will be deployed on production environments. You will be able to check the exact date when the changes will be implemented on the selected instance on this page.

On September 14, during the Dreamforce conference, there will be a presentation of selected new features that the winter deployment will bring, and less than two weeks later (September 26-27) we will gain access to additional videos on the Salesforce+ platform.

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