What is Dreamforce?

If you’re new to the Salesforce world you’re probably wondering what Dreamforce is all about. The shortest definition of Dreamforce is that it’s an annual conference-style event (held since 2003) that brings the Salesforce community together, providing opportunities for learning, entertainment, philanthropy, and networking.

It’s a space to celebrate your own successes as well as those of your customers. It’s also the highlight of the year, which is now easier to access than ever thanks to its global broadcast through the Salesforce+ platform. Thanks to it, you no longer have to be in San Francisco in person to experience the event. Salesforce+ delivers this opportunity securely and without barriers, to everyone from even the farthest corners of the globe. In 2021, 170,000 people attended Dreamforce (1,000 in person and 160,000 online). Whether you’re a freelancer, work for a company of a few people or a Fortune 500 corporation, you can get a lot out of this event.

Dreamforce – entry packet pick-up point, source: private archive

Over the years Dreamforce has become more than just a conference – it’s a unique experience. Inspiring sessions and speeches, visionary thinking about the future of technology – this is the bread and butter of the event.

The main idea of the event has been educational values from the beginning. The 2021 edition offered access to 4 channels with over 100 hours of innovative and inspiring content:

Prime Time Channel

Here the latest news and announcements are presented, there is an opportunity to hear what’s going on in Salesforce directly from the CEO and co-founder of Salesforce (Marc Benioff) and Salesforce executives. It’s also a chance to see the world’s leaders and change makers and learn about their stories of success and evolution.

Trailblazer Channel

Pioneers, innovators present how Salesforce can be used to build a successful career, company and community.

Customer 360 Channel

Here is a chance to learn behind-the-scenes news from Salesforce’s creators, as well as the adventures of pioneers on their journey to success.

Industries Channel

Allows you to be inspired by the stories of innovators from sectors driving growth and transforming the image of their industries in a completely digital work environment.

So if you would like to see a place where Trailblazers from around the world come together to share their stories and learn from each other – Dreamforce is for you!

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